Winner of Tops Market Gift Card Announced!

Build Promise Announces Winner of Tops Market Gift Card in Community Survey Initiative

In a recent exciting development, Build Promise has proudly announced the winner of the Tops Market Gift Card giveaway. Stuart Harper, President of Build Promise, is delighted to share that Shanell Russell has been named the recipient of a $100 Gift Card from Tops Market. This announcement comes as a highlight in the initiative’s ongoing efforts to engage the community in its development projects.

Community Engagement Through Survey

Shanell Russell was selected randomly from an enthusiastic group of 70 individuals who participated in a community survey conducted by Build Promise. This survey was a crucial step in understanding the needs and preferences of the community, serving as a foundation for the services to be offered at the new Build Promise Community Access Center, set to open on Sycamore Street in 2025.

A Gesture of Appreciation and Collaboration

The gift card was presented to Shanell Russell by Rodney Rodríguez, the manager of the Northwest Bank Jefferson Branch. This presentation was made on behalf of the Build Promise Community Advisory Group, marking a significant gesture of gratitude and collaboration between Build Promise and the community members who took the time to share their valuable insights through the survey.

Gratitude to Community Participants

Build Promise extends its heartfelt thanks to all the individuals who participated in the survey. Their responses are not just data points; they are the voices and opinions that will shape the direction and services of the Build Promise Community Access Center. The active participation of community members is a testament to the collective spirit and engagement that drives Build Promise’s mission.

Looking Ahead to 2025

With the opening of the Build Promise Community Access Center on the horizon in 2025, the feedback gathered from the community survey is more crucial than ever. It will play a pivotal role in tailoring the services and programs of the center to meet the specific needs of the residents of Buffalo’s East Side.

In conclusion, this announcement is more than just the celebration of a gift card winner; it represents the ongoing commitment of Build Promise to involve and listen to the community it serves. It’s a step forward in building a center that truly reflects the needs and aspirations of the community, paving the way for a more connected and supported Buffalo’s East Side.


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