Why Join Build Promise

Why Join Build Promise?

In the heart of Buffalo’s East Side, a movement is growing. It’s called Build Promise, and it’s changing lives. This initiative, more than a project, is a call to action for everyone who believes in making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need in Western New York. Here’s why you should consider joining Build Promise in its mission of service and compassion.

GIVE: Empower Through Your Generosity

At Build Promise, your financial contributions are the backbone of our efforts. They directly fuel our wide array of services, including our 22,500 square foot Community Access Center, which stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity. This center is not just a building; it’s a nurturing space where health care, job training, mental health services, and much more are accessible to all. Your donations are matched 1:1, making every dollar you give doubly impactful. This unique opportunity allows your generosity to extend further, reaching more lives and creating more stories of transformation and hope.

SERVE: Volunteer Your Time and Skills

Build Promise offers more than just a chance to donate. It’s a place where your time and skills can have a profound impact. Volunteering with us means joining a community dedicated to uplifting every individual who walks through our doors. Whether it’s helping with day-to-day operations, providing specialized skills, or simply being there to offer support and a listening ear, your involvement as a volunteer is invaluable. By volunteering, you become a part of the solution, actively participating in building a community where dignity, safety, and opportunity are available to all.

PRAY: Support with Spiritual Solidarity

At Build Promise, we recognize the power of prayer in uplifting and uniting our community. Your prayers for the success of our projects, the well-being of our community, and the strength to continue our mission are incredibly valuable. They bring a sense of spiritual solidarity, underlining our efforts with hope and perseverance. Whether you are near or far, your prayers contribute to the fortitude and resilience of our mission, and the community we serve.

In conclusion, joining Build Promise means becoming part of a larger narrative – one where your contribution, time, and prayers create a lasting impact on the lives of the underserved in Western New York. It’s about being part of a community-driven effort that believes in the power of unity, resilience, and compassion to bring about real change.

Learn More and Get Involved with Build Promise, and be a part of this vital journey towards creating a brighter, more hopeful future for the East Side of Buffalo.


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