The Build Promise Project

The Build Promise Campaign: A New Dawn for Buffalo’s East Side

A Visionary Project to Transform Lives

The Build Promise Campaign is embarking on a noble journey to raise $6.6 million for a groundbreaking project in Buffalo, New York. This initiative aims to establish a 22,500 square foot Community Access Center on the East Side, a region that has long been the epicenter of poverty and homelessness in Western New York. This center is not just a building; it’s a beacon of hope, providing shelter and resources for homeless men and the entire community.

Comprehensive Services for the Homeless and Needy

The Community Access Center will serve as a multifunctional hub offering:

  • Year-Round Shelter: A haven for the homeless, providing safety, dignity, and essential services.
  • Code Blue Facility: A lifesaving refuge during extreme cold, offering shelter to 120-170 men.
  • The ReFresh Spot: A unique service for those with housing insecurity, offering showers, laundry, and personal hygiene resources.

Addressing the Core Issue: Access to Services

Build Promise recognizes that the primary barrier for people escaping poverty is access to services. To address this, the center will collaborate with over twelve partner agencies, bringing effective programs and resources directly to those who need them most.

Responding to an Urgent Need

The need for such a facility has been heightened by the recent closure of five shelters in Erie County and the ongoing challenges posed by COVID-19. St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy, a key partner in this project, has been an instrumental force in serving the community, providing up to 1,100 meals daily.

The Design and Features of the New Facility

The 21,000 square foot facility, designed pro bono by Scheid Architectural, will feature:

  • Diverse Spaces: Programming and wellness areas, dining facilities, and educational spaces.
  • Accommodations: 120 semi-private sleeping chambers.
  • Essential Amenities: Showers, locker rooms, and laundry facilities.

Integrating Services for Maximum Impact

Embracing an “integrate, don’t duplicate” strategy, Build Promise aims to enhance existing services rather than replicating them. This approach ensures that from day one, the center will offer programming, outreach, and wellness services tailored to the community’s needs.

Moving Forward: Land Acquisition and Next Steps

With the Buffalo Common Council’s approval and the assistance of Phillips Lytle, LLP, land acquisition for the project is complete. The next phase involves a $6 million capital campaign to bring this vision to fruition.

How You Can Help

The Build Promise Campaign is a community effort, reliant on the support and generosity of people like you. Your contribution can make a significant difference in the lives of many, helping to end homelessness and provide essential services to those in need.

Join the Build Promise Legacy

By supporting Build Promise, you become part of a transformative journey that goes beyond providing shelter. It’s about building a community where safety, health, and dignity are accessible to all. Together, we can turn the tide on homelessness and create a brighter future for Buffalo’s East Side.

Support the Cause: Donate to Build Promise and be a part of this transformative project.

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