Stuart Harper is named President of St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy’s “Build Promise”

Stuart Harper Appointed President of St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy’s ‘Build Promise’ Initiative

Stuart Harper, a name synonymous with dedicated service and effective leadership, has been appointed as the President of Build Promise, Inc., a pivotal initiative under St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy. With a wealth of experience garnered as the former CEO and Executive Director of Buffalo City Mission, Harper is set to lead Build Promise in its mission to uplift Buffalo’s East Side, an area notably affected by poverty.

A Legacy of Leadership and Service

Harper’s appointment marks a significant milestone in his career, which has been characterized by a deep commitment to serving those in need. His 14-year tenure at Buffalo City Mission was marked by numerous successes and meaningful community impact. Transitioning to Build Promise, Harper views his new role not as a departure but as a continuation of his life’s work. “I’m not leaving,” he says. “I’m taking up a different post in the fight to bring help and opportunity to those who need it.” This statement reflects his unwavering dedication to making a difference in the lives of the underserved.

Embracing the Challenge of Build Promise

The challenge of leading Build Promise excites Harper, especially with $2.5 million already secured for the project and land appropriation completed. He acknowledges the established momentum of the project, seeing it as an ideal platform to culminate his career on a high note. Harper’s expertise in fundraising, construction, and administration is expected to drive significant advancements for Build Promise.

Faith and Collaboration: The Pillars of Success

Harper’s approach is deeply rooted in faith and collaboration. He shares a profound respect for the work done by St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy, particularly the organization’s ability to mobilize volunteers and provide comprehensive support to the East Side community. His admiration for Amy Betros, co-founder of St. Luke’s, and her talent for rallying volunteers is evident. Together, their faith-driven approach forms a solid foundation for the Build Promise initiative.

Impact on Buffalo’s East Side

Stuart Harper’s leadership at Build Promise represents more than just an administrative role; it symbolizes a beacon of hope for Buffalo’s East Side. With a proven track record and a passion for service, Harper is poised to make a substantial impact through Build Promise. His dedication to fostering integrated program partnerships will bring essential opportunities and resources to those who need them most.

As Build Promise continues its mission, Harper’s expertise and leadership are set to propel the initiative forward, creating lasting change and embodying the spirit of faith in action. His appointment is a promise of continued dedication to the community, a commitment to building a better future for Buffalo’s East Side.


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