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Build Promise in the News: Spearheading Change in Buffalo’s East Side

Build Promise’s efforts in revitalizing Buffalo’s East Side have been capturing the attention of the media, highlighting the organization’s significant impact in addressing homelessness and enhancing community services. From strategic partnerships to leadership initiatives, Build Promise is at the forefront of creating meaningful change. Here’s an overview of their recent media coverage, showcasing the advancements and plans of the organization.

Expanding Services for the Homeless

A major highlight in Build Promise’s media presence is the detailed press release titled “St. Luke’s City Mission Salvation Army Expand for Homeless,” available for download. This document outlines the collaborative efforts of Build Promise with St. Luke’s City Mission and the Salvation Army. Together, they are expanding their services to better support the homeless population in Buffalo, a testament to the power of collective effort in addressing critical community needs.

Local News Coverage: Highlighting Community Impact

WGRZ, a local news channel, featured Build Promise in a segment called “St. Luke’s Big News.” This coverage provides an in-depth look at the impactful work of St. Luke’s, closely associated with Build Promise’s initiatives. The segment, viewable at WGRZ – St. Luke’s Big News, emphasizes the positive changes and improvements being made within the community.

Spotlight on Leadership

The Buffalo Business Journal’s article focuses on Stuart Harper, President of Build Promise, highlighting his vital role and future-forward vision for the organization. Harper’s leadership is pivotal in directing Build Promise towards innovative solutions for community betterment. Read more about his insights and plans at Buffalo Business Journal.

Staying Informed and Involved

The press releases and news features are a clear indication of the momentum Build Promise is gaining in its mission. These stories underscore the significance of community collaboration, strong leadership, and strategic partnerships in fostering sustainable community development.

For more detailed information and to read these articles, follow the provided links or download the “St. Luke’s City Mission Salvation Army Expand for Homeless” press release directly from St. Luke’s City Mission Salvation Army Expand for Homeless.pdf. Keep up with the latest news from Build Promise and be a part of their journey in transforming Buffalo’s East Side.


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