How to Donate to Build Promise

Supporting East Buffalo: Your Guide to Donating to Build Promise

Build Promise, a beacon of hope and support in East Buffalo, is dedicated to providing essential services to those in need. Your generous contributions play a crucial role in the success and expansion of their initiatives. If you’re looking to make a donation, here are the simple and convenient ways you can do so, ensuring that your support reaches the community efficiently.

Online Donations: Quick and Secure

For those who prefer the convenience of online transactions, Build Promise offers an easy-to-use donation form. This method allows you to donate using major credit cards in just a few clicks. To make your online donation, visit Build Promise’s donation page at Build Promise Donation Landing Page. The process is secure, fast, and user-friendly, ensuring your contribution is processed efficiently.

Donating via Mail: A Traditional Approach

If you prefer a more traditional method of donating, you can send your contributions via mail. To do this, simply write a check payable to ‘Build Promise’ and mail it to the following address:

Build Promise, Inc. P. O. Box 1136 Buffalo, NY 14215

This method is perfect for those who are more comfortable with mailing checks or wish to include a personal note with their donation.

Questions? Get in Touch!

If you have any questions about the donation process or how your contributions will be used, feel free to reach out to Nancy Langer at She can provide additional information and ensure that your donation process is smooth and transparent.

Your Impact

Every donation to Build Promise goes directly towards bringing much-needed services to the East Buffalo community. From healthcare and education to shelter and job training, your support makes a tangible difference in the lives of many.

Thank you for considering a donation to Build Promise. Your generosity and support are immensely appreciated and are key in driving positive change in East Buffalo.

Ready to make a difference? Visit Build Promise’s Donation Page to contribute to a brighter future for the community.


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