How to Connect With Build Promise

Partnering with Build Promise: Your Pathway to Making a Difference

Build Promise, a transformative force in Buffalo, NY, welcomes collaboration and partnership from individuals, businesses, and organizations eager to contribute to the betterment of the East Side community. If you’re interested in exploring partnership opportunities with Build Promise, here’s how you can easily get in touch and start a conversation that could lead to impactful collaboration.

Email Communication for Partnership Inquiries

To initiate discussions about potential partnerships, you can directly connect with the key figures at Build Promise. For strategic and high-level partnership discussions, reach out to Stuart Harper, the President, at His experience and visionary leadership have been instrumental in shaping the direction of Build Promise’s community initiatives.

For operational aspects of partnerships or to discuss collaborative advancement efforts, Nancy Langer, the Director of Operations and Advancement, is the go-to contact. She can be reached at Nancy plays a crucial role in integrating various programs and ensuring that partnerships align with the organization’s mission and objectives.

General partnership inquiries or proposals can be directed to This email is monitored for all types of partnership communications, ensuring that your proposal reaches the appropriate team members.

Phone Contact for Immediate Partnership Discussions

If a more immediate or direct conversation is preferred, you can contact Build Promise via phone at (716) 310-0851. This line is open for potential partners who wish to discuss collaboration opportunities, ask questions, or gain a quicker understanding of how they can align their efforts with Build Promise’s initiatives.

Postal Correspondence for Formal Partnership Proposals

For those who prefer traditional methods or need to send formal partnership proposals, you can correspond via mail. Address your letters to:

Build Promise, Inc. PO Box 1136 Buffalo, NY 14215​

Engaging with Build Promise through these communication channels opens doors to fruitful collaborations that can significantly impact the community. Whether through shared resources, joint programs, or combined expertise, your partnership with Build Promise can be a powerful catalyst for change and progress in Buffalo’s East Side.


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