Access to Hope, Dignity, and Opportunity.

The Build Promise Project

The mission of the Build Promise fundraising campaign is to bring much needed services to East Buffalo. This includes construction of a new $6.6 million 22,500 square-foot facility that will not only offer shelter, but access to a wide range of services to truly empower the community. Please join us in our effort to provide:

  • 96 year-round semiprivate shelter beds for men
  • 80 Code Blue Beds
  • Showers & Laundry Facilities
  • Medical & Dental Care
  • Mental Health Services
  • Access to a Wide Variety of Community Services On-site
  • Transportation Services

Thank you for supporting Build Promise

Your support will play a powerful role in our community work. We are grateful for the compassion you demonstrate through your commitment to The Build Promise Project.

Community Partners