Celebrating a milestone and focusing on the goal!

Celebrating a Major Milestone: Build Promise’s Significant Progress

April 20, 2022, marked a day of celebration and renewed focus for Build Promise, as it commemorated two significant achievements that underscore the project’s growing momentum. This gathering not only celebrated the generous support of benefactors but also highlighted a strategic advancement in terms of land acquisition, setting a solid foundation for future developments.

A Million Dollar Donation: A Testament to Generosity

At the heart of the celebration was the recognition of a remarkable million-dollar donation from Jane and Bill Greene III. Their substantial contribution represents more than just financial support; it’s a powerful testament to the confidence and trust placed in the vision and mission of Build Promise. This donation is a catalyst, propelling the project forward and enabling it to expand its reach and impact in the East Side community of Buffalo.

Acquiring Essential Land: Laying the Groundwork for Development

Another major cause for celebration was the acquisition of 16 parcels of land from the City of Buffalo. This strategic move is a critical step in the materialization of Build Promise’s goals. Securing this land not only provides a physical space for the project’s initiatives but also signifies a strong partnership with the city and a shared commitment to community development. This acquisition lays the groundwork for the future construction and implementation of the various programs and facilities envisioned by Build Promise.

Focusing on the Future

This gathering was more than just a moment of celebration; it was a reaffirmation of the goal that drives Build Promise – to create a sustainable, supportive environment for the underserved in Buffalo’s East Side. With the generous donation and the land acquisition, Build Promise is now better equipped to turn its ambitious plans into tangible realities.

A Community United in Purpose

The event brought together community members, leaders, and supporters, all united in their purpose to see the vision of Build Promise come to life. It served as a reminder of the power of community support, philanthropy, and strategic planning in making a lasting difference in the lives of those in need.

As Build Promise continues its journey, this milestone serves as a beacon of hope and a source of inspiration. It demonstrates what can be achieved when generosity meets opportunity and when a community comes together to support a shared vision. The future looks bright for Build Promise, and this celebration marks just the beginning of its transformative journey.


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