Build Promise Impact Partners

Build Promise Impact Partners: Champions of Change in Buffalo

Build Promise, a dynamic force in Buffalo, NY, is committed to enhancing the lives of the underserved in the East Side community. Central to their success are their Impact Partners, a group of dedicated organizations and individuals who bring life-changing resources and support to their initiatives. This article shines a spotlight on these vital partners, each contributing uniquely to the collective mission of transforming Buffalo.

A Collaboration of Compassion and Commitment

Build Promise’s Impact Partners represent a diverse array of sectors, all unified in their commitment to community betterment. Their involvement ranges from financial support to providing expertise and resources, all crucial in driving forward the mission of Build Promise.

Key Impact Partners Making a Difference

  • Jane and William H. Greene III: Their generous contributions have been instrumental in furthering the reach and impact of Build Promise’s programs, demonstrating a heartfelt commitment to the community.
  • The M&T Bank Charitable Foundation: As a financial pillar in the community, their support has been pivotal in ensuring the sustainability and growth of Build Promise’s initiatives.
  • The Frank L. Ciminelli Family Foundation: Their dedication to community development has significantly aided in transforming the lives of those Build Promise serves.
  • Foundation 214, Inc.: As champions of empowerment and change, Foundation 214 has played a critical role in fostering sustainable community improvements.
  • The Mother Cabrini Health Foundation: Their focus on enhancing health service capabilities aligns perfectly with Build Promise’s mission to provide comprehensive care.
  • Scheid Architectural: Contributing their design and planning expertise, they are shaping the future infrastructure and facilities that will house Build Promise’s programs.
  • The John R. Oishei Foundation: Essential supporters, their resources and backing have been fundamental to the success of Build Promise’s various programs.
  • First Niagara Foundation: Ensuring effective delivery of essential services, their support has streamlined operations and increased efficiency.
  • The Statler Foundation: Enriching Build Promise’s educational and community initiatives, their input has been valuable in developing comprehensive community programs.
  • The Law Offices of William Mattar: Providing crucial legal support and guidance, they have helped navigate the complexities of running a community-based organization.
  • Phillips Lytle, LLP: With their legal expertise and support, they have advanced the goals and safeguarded the interests of Build Promise.
  • Amerigroup: As key healthcare partners, they have played a significant role in enhancing community health and well-being.

A Symbiosis of Efforts for Community Upliftment

The collective efforts of these Impact Partners illustrate the power of collaboration and shared vision in community work. Each partner brings unique strengths and resources, creating a robust support system for Build Promise’s initiatives. Together, they are not just contributors but co-creators of a more vibrant and empowered East Side in Buffalo.

Looking Ahead with Gratitude and Purpose

As Build Promise continues to grow and evolve, the role of these Impact Partners remains integral. Their continued support and belief in the mission are vital in ensuring the ongoing success and expansion of services to those in need.

The story of Build Promise and its Impact Partners is one of hope, collaboration, and unwavering commitment to community transformation. It’s a partnership model that not only addresses immediate needs but also lays the groundwork for long-term, sustainable community development and empowerment.


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