Buffalo Common Council Approves the Land Agreement for Build Promise!

Buffalo Common Council Greenlights Land Agreement for Build Promise

In a significant development for the Build Promise initiative, the Buffalo Common Council, backed by Mayor Brown and Fillmore Council member Mitchell Nowakowski, unanimously approved a land development agreement in late March. This crucial decision marks a pivotal step forward in the realization of Build Promise’s objectives, setting the stage for substantial community development.

A Strategic Acquisition for Community Upliftment

Build Promise has been granted approval to purchase 16 parcels of vacant, city-owned land on Sycamore at Miller, strategically located across from St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy. The agreed purchase price for this land is $29,600, a figure representing the full assessed value. This acquisition is not just a transaction; it’s a significant commitment towards building a better future for the East Side community of Buffalo.

Unanimous Support Reflecting Community Commitment

The unanimous decision by the council, led by Council President Pridgen and supported by Mayor Brown and Council member Nowakowski, is a testament to the broad-based support for Build Promise. It reflects a shared understanding of the initiative’s importance and a unified commitment to addressing the needs of the community.

“The Wait is Over” 

Kathleen Mattar, Chair of the Build Promise Steering Committee, expressed her enthusiasm and relief following the council’s decision. “The wait is over!” she exclaimed, acknowledging the breakthrough this approval represents. Her words echo the sentiments of anticipation and readiness to take concrete steps towards achieving Build Promise’s goals.

A Catalyst for Fundraising and Construction

With the land agreement in place, Build Promise can now shift its focus to fundraising efforts. The goal is clear: to get the shovel in the ground and start the construction process as soon as possible. There’s an urgency to this phase, driven by the community’s desperate need for the services Build Promise aims to provide.

Impending Impact on the Community

The approval of this land agreement is more than just a procedural success; it’s a beacon of hope for those in need. Build Promise, once operational, will provide essential services that are currently lacking in the area. The sooner the project is up and running, the sooner the community can benefit from these much-needed services.

The Buffalo Common Council’s approval is a major milestone for Build Promise, paving the way for tangible change and improvement in the lives of many. It’s a moment of celebration and a call to action, signaling the beginning of a new chapter in community service and support on Buffalo’s East Side.


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