Build Promise Impact Partners

Build Promise Impact Partners: Champions of Change in Buffalo Build Promise, a dynamic force in Buffalo, NY, is committed to enhancing the lives of the underserved in the East Side community. Central to their success are their Impact Partners, a group of dedicated organizations and individuals who bring life-changing resources and support to their initiatives. […]

Stuart Harper is named President of St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy’s “Build Promise”

Stuart Harper Appointed President of St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy’s ‘Build Promise’ Initiative Stuart Harper, a name synonymous with dedicated service and effective leadership, has been appointed as the President of Build Promise, Inc., a pivotal initiative under St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy. With a wealth of experience garnered as the former CEO and Executive […]

Celebrating a milestone and focusing on the goal!

Celebrating a Major Milestone: Build Promise’s Significant Progress April 20, 2022, marked a day of celebration and renewed focus for Build Promise, as it commemorated two significant achievements that underscore the project’s growing momentum. This gathering not only celebrated the generous support of benefactors but also highlighted a strategic advancement in terms of land acquisition, […]

Buffalo Common Council Approves the Land Agreement for Build Promise!

Buffalo Common Council Greenlights Land Agreement for Build Promise In a significant development for the Build Promise initiative, the Buffalo Common Council, backed by Mayor Brown and Fillmore Council member Mitchell Nowakowski, unanimously approved a land development agreement in late March. This crucial decision marks a pivotal step forward in the realization of Build Promise’s […]

A Million Reasons to be Thankful!

A Million Reasons To Be Thankful: The Greene Family’s Transformational Gift to Build Promise In a heartwarming act of generosity and compassion, the family of Jane and Bill Greene III has made a monumental contribution to the Build Promise Project, offering a beacon of hope to the neediest in Western New York. This significant gesture […]

Innovating to Bring Change

Build Promise: Harnessing Innovation to Drive Community Transformation in Buffalo’s East Side Build Promise stands at the forefront of bringing innovative solutions to the pressing challenges faced by Buffalo’s East Side. Rooted in the belief that creative approaches can catalyze significant community transformation, Build Promise is redefining how social change is implemented in underserved areas. […]

Winner of Tops Market Gift Card Announced!

Build Promise Announces Winner of Tops Market Gift Card in Community Survey Initiative In a recent exciting development, Build Promise has proudly announced the winner of the Tops Market Gift Card giveaway. Stuart Harper, President of Build Promise, is delighted to share that Shanell Russell has been named the recipient of a $100 Gift Card […]

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