Why Join Build Promise

Why Join Build Promise? In the heart of Buffalo’s East Side, a movement is growing. It’s called Build Promise, and it’s changing lives. This initiative, more than a project, is a call to action for everyone who believes in making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need in Western New York. Here’s […]

The Build Promise Campaign

The Build Promise Project: A Beacon of Hope in Buffalo, NY Transforming Lives with the Community Access Center In the heart of Buffalo, NY’s East Side, a groundbreaking initiative is taking shape. The Build Promise Project is more than just a construction endeavor; it’s a mission to provide a comprehensive Community Access Center that addresses […]

Music Builds Promise Fundraiser!

Music Builds Promise: A Night of Melody and Mission A Harmonious Evening of Giving Back On July 26th, the vibrant pulse of music and community spirit filled Sportmen’s Tavern, marking a memorable summer evening for the “Music Builds Promise Fundraiser”. This event wasn’t just about entertainment; it was a gathering with a purpose – to […]

Build Promise is Front Page News!

Build Promise: Leading the Charge Against Homelessness in Buffalo Front Page Recognition for a Noble Cause On September 2nd, the pressing issue of homelessness in Buffalo and the efforts to combat it gained significant attention, with Build Promise and St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy featuring prominently on the front page of The Buffalo News. This […]

The Build Promise Project

The Build Promise Campaign: A New Dawn for Buffalo’s East Side A Visionary Project to Transform Lives The Build Promise Campaign is embarking on a noble journey to raise $6.6 million for a groundbreaking project in Buffalo, New York. This initiative aims to establish a 22,500 square foot Community Access Center on the East Side, […]

How to Get Involved with Build Promise

Get Involved with Build Promise: Make a Difference in Buffalo Joining Hands for a Noble Cause Build Promise offers a unique opportunity to contribute to a vital cause in Buffalo – helping the homeless and transforming lives. Whether it’s through financial contributions, hands-on service, or spiritual support, there are various ways you can get involved […]

How to Connect With Build Promise

Partnering with Build Promise: Your Pathway to Making a Difference Build Promise, a transformative force in Buffalo, NY, welcomes collaboration and partnership from individuals, businesses, and organizations eager to contribute to the betterment of the East Side community. If you’re interested in exploring partnership opportunities with Build Promise, here’s how you can easily get in […]

How to Donate to Build Promise

Supporting East Buffalo: Your Guide to Donating to Build Promise Build Promise, a beacon of hope and support in East Buffalo, is dedicated to providing essential services to those in need. Your generous contributions play a crucial role in the success and expansion of their initiatives. If you’re looking to make a donation, here are […]

Community Program Partners

Build Promise Partners: Uniting for Community Empowerment At the core of Build Promise’s success lies a powerful mantra: “Integrate, don’t duplicate.” This philosophy has guided the organization in forging partnerships that are as impactful as they are efficient. The Program Partners of Build Promise are a testament to this approach, bringing together effective, existing programs […]

Press Releases

Build Promise in the News: Spearheading Change in Buffalo’s East Side Build Promise’s efforts in revitalizing Buffalo’s East Side have been capturing the attention of the media, highlighting the organization’s significant impact in addressing homelessness and enhancing community services. From strategic partnerships to leadership initiatives, Build Promise is at the forefront of creating meaningful change. […]

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