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Build Promise Plan for Hope & Opportunity In Buffalo, NY

Welcome to the heart of our initiative — the Build Promise Project.

It’s a beacon of hope and a powerhouse of support, nestled in the heart of Buffalo, NY’s East Side. With a broad spectrum of services under one roof, starting with an emergency homeless shelter for men, we’re crafting a space where health, well-being, and opportunity are within reach for every individual. Our doors are open to a future where every member of our community finds the support they need to thrive.

The Build Promise Project

Planned Programs & Features

Our Men’s Shelter and Community Access Center is where transformation begins. With a suite of programs ranging from job training to comprehensive health services, we’re not just meeting needs — we’re nurturing potential.


Much needed year-round shelter beds for homeless men.

Health Care

Access to many resources and more.


Access to many resources and more.​

Refresh Spot

Showers & Laundry facilities for homeless men

Transportation Services

Access to many resources and more.​

Mental Health Services

Access to many resources and more.​


To empower the underserved residents of Buffalo’s East Side by providing comprehensive services and opportunities that promote safety, health, and dignity.


To build a community where every individual has the tools and resources to overcome barriers to success, leading to a life of self-sufficiency and prosperity.

The Build Promise Project

The Blueprint for Hope and Opportunity

“If opportunity doesn't knock, build a Community Access Center in Buffalo, NY.”
“Opportunity is everywhere. The key is to develop the vision to see it.”
"Don't wait for the right opportunity: create it by using Build Promise's resources."
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Innovative Solutions for Lasting Change

The Build Promise Project stands as a beacon of transformation on Buffalo’s East Side. Our 22,500 square foot Community Access Center is more than a building; it’s a catalyst for change, fostering growth, learning, and healing. We are committed to providing a diverse range of services, from medical care to job training, to unlock new opportunities and support every individual’s dreams and aspirations. This initiative is not just about erecting walls; it’s about laying down the groundwork for personal development and community self-reliance.

Inspired by St. Luke's Mission

From Vision to Reality: The Journey of Build Promise

The roots of Build Promise are deeply embedded in the history and mission of St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy. For nearly three decades, St. Luke’s has been a beacon of hope on Buffalo’s East Side, providing meals, shelter, and unwavering support to the community. Build Promise extends this legacy, standing on a foundation of love, service, and the unshakeable belief that together, we can conquer adversity.

Programs and Features Designed for Empowerment

At the heart of Build Promise are our programs and services, each thread contributing to a tapestry of support. Health care, shelter, a Refresh Spot, laundry facilities, transportation, and mental health services—each is a crucial strand in strengthening the fabric of our community. We’re here to meet the diverse needs of our neighbors, providing a mosaic of resources that empower and elevate.

Responding to the Call with Compassion and Capability

Build Promise was born out of a recognition of the East Side’s needs and the desire to fulfill them. Our Community Access Center is the response to that call— a hub where needs are not just met, but transcended, fostering a community that’s healthy, educated, and poised for success. We listen, we learn, and we lead with programs that make a real difference.

Crafting Our Collective Destiny with Heart and Hands

This is more than a project; it’s a movement, crafted by the very hands and hearts of those it serves. Build Promise embodies the spirit of collaboration and resilience that defines Buffalo’s East Side. Together, we’re not just building a facility; we’re constructing a future where each of us is an integral part of our collective destiny.

Our Impact Partners & Supporters

Champions of Change

Our Impact Partners

Build Promise is all about coming together, and it’s our amazing partners and supporters who make it happen. They’re the real pillars behind our success. This group of dedicated folks is the heart of what we do, which is what really keeps our community projects moving forward. Check them out below.

Grateful to partnerships bringing life-changing resources to Buffalo

At Build Promise, the synergy of our mission is amplified through the collective efforts of our Impact Partners and Supporters. This dynamic group forms the backbone of our initiatives, fueling our journey with their unwavering support and commitment. They are not just contributors; they are the catalysts for change, the driving force propelling our community projects towards success. Let’s shine a spotlight on these remarkable partners:

  • Jane and William H. Greene III: Generous benefactors fueling our mission with their steadfast support.
  • The M&T Bank Charitable Foundation: A linchpin in community development, uplifting our endeavors.
  • The Frank L. Ciminelli Family Foundation: Committed allies aiding in our transformative journey.
  • Foundation 214, Inc.: Champions of empowerment and sustainable change.
  • The Mother Cabrini Health Foundation: Vital in enhancing our health service capabilities.
  • Scheid Architectural: Visionaries shaping the East Side’s future with expert design and planning.
  • The John R. Oishei Foundation: Crucial supporters bolstering the success of our initiatives.
  • First Niagara Foundation: Guardians of efficient service delivery.
  • The Statler Foundation: Nurturers of our educational and community programs.
  • The Law Offices of William Mattar: Providing pivotal pro bono legal support and guidance.
  • Phillips Lytle, LLP: Forwarding our goals with their legal acumen and assistance.
  • Amerigroup: Key healthcare partners improving community health and well-being.
  • Lehigh Construction Group: The general contractor for the project committed to furthering the work being done by St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy.
  • Lawley Insurance: Exhibits its commitment to social responsibility through the support of its charitable partners.
  • Russell J. Salvatore Foundation: A key player in the local philanthropic community, dedicated to making Buffalo a better place.

Together, these Impact Partners are more than just collaborators; they are the architects of a more vibrant and empowered East Side, embodying the true essence of community upliftment and partnership.

Together We Thrive
Our Community Program Partners

Our Program Partners are the vital links that connect our Community Access Center with a wealth of resources and expertise. These organizations play a critical role in ensuring that we deliver a holistic, integrated service experience to those we serve. From legal guidance to health initiatives, these partners enhance our ability to offer a diverse range of life-changing services:

These Program Partners are not just allies; they are integral to our mission, helping us weave a network of support that truly embodies our mantra: Together, we thrive.

  • Catholic Charities: Offering a spectrum of social services, from family assistance to counseling.
  • UB Heals: Providing medical outreach and support, connecting the underserved with essential healthcare.
  • Literacy Buffalo Niagara: Empowering individuals through literacy programs and educational resources.
Neighborhood Legal Services

Moving Forward & Next Steps

The journey ahead is bright. With approved land acquisition and design plans ready, we’re gearing up for the next phase. Our $6.6 million capital campaign is the fuel that will power us forward, turning blueprints into realities.

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